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Excel The Skills of Driving With Top Driving Instructors Perth

Driving School Perth is a Unit of Aventus Driving School, an approved driving institution associated with providing top quality driving classes to people of eligible age groups. We are a team of authorised driving instructors that prepare students with exciting driving experiences.

The Bustling Perth city is home to busy streets; hence, we give our best attention in preparing students for all challenges so that they can drive easily with confidence. No matter what age you learn driving, with us, you are in the safe hands of instructors who teach according to your learning pace. This makes us the best driving school Perth where people like to start their learning journey. What are you waiting for? Kick start your journey now !!! Choose the best driving classes near me and get the skills to pass the driving test on the first attempt just like our 95% of students.

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Customised Driving Lessons

We don’t go fast or slow, we go as per you. Each driving lesson is tailored as per your learning pace.


Female Driving Instructors

Like to prefer a female? For your comfort, we also have Female Driving Instructors Perth who are as skilled as their male counterparts.


Learn Safe Driving

Our Driving lessons Perth are aimed at making you the eligible candidate to sit on a driving test who understands all safety parameters.



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Explore our different driving courses:

Master your driving skills with the best and highly trained driving experts in all of Perth. At DrivingSchool Perth you can pick from a variety of driving lessons that best fit your needs. Our trained instructors will teach you all it takes to become a confident driver. We have curated our courses in a way that helps you get the best out of each of your lessons. So by the time you are done with your lessons, you will not only excel at safe driving but also ace your driving test. We start from the very basics of driving and make sure you get to practice seemingly challenging driving tasks such as parallel parking. At DrivingSchool Perth you will find instructors to be very patient, calm, and composed during your entire learning process to provide a conducive learning environment.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Get trained in an automatic driving in a safe and calm environment only at DrivingSchool Perth. Our instructors will start from the very basics of controlling an automatic vehicle and by the time you finish you’ll be able to confidently maneuver any automatic vehicle. Plus, you get to learn all of this and more in a comfortable, safe, and calm driving environment.

Corporate Driving Training

Maximize road safety with our Corporate driver training course. Get driving lessons to become a pro-corporate driver, with our reassessments and revaluation-focused training. We also curate lessons as per your training needs— driving on uneven roads, mine sites, towing, rough weather conditions, etc. Book your lessons online with DrivingSchool Perth and start your journey to excel in corporate driving.

Defensive Driving Course

Level up your driving skills with our defensive driving course. Learn how to look-act ahead and steer clear of all potential risks while driving. Advance your driving techniques by learning how to respond promptly in all driving conditions with Driving School Perth. Our course is helpful for all drivers, from beginners to the ones who have been driving for years. You can always further enhance your driving skills and learn a thing or two about reacting to road emergencies.

Manual Driving Lessons

Get rid of your gear fear with our Manual driving lessons. Practice effortlessly switching between gears and using clutch pedals at DrivingSchool Perth. Our team of experts will make sure that the lessons help you drive a manual car with utmost confidence.
We also help with license conversions from automatic to manual driving!

Driving School Perth - FAQs

Yes. We offer flexible timings as per the needs of our customers. In case of any other time than scheduled, you need to
inform our driving lessons Perth team one hour before to make necessary arrangements accordingly.

Depending on your skills and learning ability, the volume of driving classes can vary. When you reach us by searching, ‘best driving
classes near me, you are coming across a team that does not believe in making fake promises.

Yes. To make sure you get complete support and assistance from our end, we can book your driving test.
As per your progress in driving classes, we will take your confirmation and book your slot in the driving

Yes. For the customers who are busy in their daytime, we offer Night driving classes so that you can
fulfil your driving ambitions without affecting your schedule.

Yes, Driving school Perth can provide its cars for your practical driving test. We manage a fleet of
manual and automatic transmission cars that you can use after completing our driving training courses.

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What makes Driving School Perth the best in its league?

There are numerous driving schools out there that will be offering cheaper deals on driving training course(s). However, if their training is not enough to make you pass a driving test, you will end up being on the losing side. Our driver training courses are the fastest remedy to get your licence as our training curriculum covers all crucial aspects. With a 95% success rate, our driving instructors do not conduct any necessary lessons in the name of training as we do not compromise in delivering quality lessons.

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