Sep, 2021

What is the Meaning of Different Road Signs in Western Australia?

Australian road signage has been facing by the citizens daily, but they don’t understand what an information sign is versus what constitutes a road sign. Driving in Perth shouldn’t offer you many concerns. However, knowing the probable road signs, including speed limits and warning signs, are mandated before heading on busy roads.
Drivers need to be wary of the indicative road signs and must comply with the safety rules. Therefore, proper driving lessons from a corporate driver training institute comes in handy in this case.
Without delaying much, let’s check out the crucial road signs in Australia, which you must abide by to drive your car safely.

Road Signs that you Must Know

Learning these inevitable signs mentioned below will alert you to the probable mishaps. So, the common yet necessary road signs are shown below:

– Regulatory sign

Regulatory road signs are pretty common traffic signs you will see everywhere, used to boost the safety of pedestrians. Such an essential sign indicates what you should do and what you shouldn’t do on the road. If you infringe the traffic rules, you may incur a fine.
These signs are pretty recognisable as they comprise white, red, black, yellow, and green. According to a golden rule of thumb, the motor vehicle board of Australia might impose a charge on you if the instructed regulatory road signs aren’t being followed.
The professional help from Perth driving school, the best-in-class driving school, teaches you all these crucial road signs to prevent fines.

– Guide signs

Guide or information signs are identified by their white, green and black colours, providing valuable information for guiding the drivers. These signs commonly let the driver know what is coming up ahead. More precisely, these are parking indications as they might contain more text instead of symbols.
Worried about these guide signs? The professional driving instructors Perth explain all the nitty-gritty matters of driving accurately to ensure safety on the road.

– Warning signs

Warning signs mainly aware you of the probable dangers ahead. These are quickly identifiable due to their fluorescent, diamond-shaped background and black text or symbols. However, some road warning signs could be read, for example, “prepare to stop” indications, or vivid green colour. This is the warning sign for the children or the pedestrians.
Don’t let these warning signs befool you when the Driving School Perth is here to help you in knowing all the crucial indications on the road.

– Signs and Devices for Road Works and Special Purposes

We utilised roadwork signs in Perth to keep you updated or informed of transforming conditions and protect road workers. Some of the most used roadwork signs are the following:

• Roadwork ahead sign
This sign lets you know the changing road conditions ahead, and you have to slow down your car. In case a specific speed limit is given on the board, you must abide by the rules.

• Workers sign
You have to reduce your speed when watching this sign near your path.

• Stop/Slow bat
A traffic controller flags a hand-held 2-sided stop/slow indication.

What are the School Zone Signs?

School zones apply mainly 24 hours a day and 7 days a week across the year. Such school zones are the white zigzag lines are indicated on the road, showcasing you are driving in a school zone. Therefore, the probable signs demonstrate the start and end of the school zones. All the drivers, motorcyclists, and bike riders should never stop in that area marked “No stopping” zone.
If you are unsure about these indications, search Google by putting these key phrases “driving school near me,” and avail of the best one as per the ratings.

– Speed Limit in a School Zone

As per Section 2.2.3: School Zones of Main Roads Western Australia application and policy guidelines for speed zoning, a driver must obey the school zones restrictions. In Western Australia, the correct school zone speed limit shouldn’t exceed 40km/hr.

– School Zone Prohibition Signs

A general list of probable school zone prohibition signs are shown below:

• No Parking
A driver might stop at a “No Parking” zone for picking up and dropping off the passengers.

• Bus Zone
Drivers aren’t permitted to park or stop in a bus zone.

• No Stopping
If there is a no stopping sign on the road, a driver should never stop for any reason.

• School Zone
These indications showcase the school zone’s beginning and incorporate details on the speed limit, days, and operation time.

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It’s the driver’s responsibility to drive responsively and safely through the school zones. When it comes to road safety, all the road signage and rules must be abided by the drivers. You can learn the meaning of different road signs in Australia by taking a defensive driving course from the best driving school Perth teaches you all the road signs, their meaning, and almost everything. Are you still afraid? Not to worry! We got you covered. Talk to us and schedule your driving lessons with us.

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