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Whether you are driving from years or you learnt it last summer, our defensive driving course has numerous things to offer for you. Our courses are designed to put you in control, always. Defensive driving course is perfectly suitable for people seeking to enter occupational driving and make a lucrative career that allows you to be behind the steering wheels. Our defensive driving course perth commences by providing you with training that can prepare you regarding

  • Attitude Towards Risk

  • Proper Understanding of Car Controls

  • Observation Skill

  • Safely dealing with Cyclists and Pedestrians

  • Overtaking

  • Motorway

We have a group of Defensive Driving Instructors that can successfully provide full and half-day courses to organisations and private individuals.


Benefits of Our Defensive Driving Training

Defensive Driving Training can make you a pro who can handle any bad situation using mindset and observation skills. The defensive driving course is a combination of theoretical and practical components that can provide overall conditioning in understanding all required concepts. Find some of the benefits of this course.

  • Awareness in terms of speed and reaction time.
  • Knowing the capability to handle vehicles in emergency
  • Understanding of Driver Mentality during the risky situation.
  • Complete understanding of Road Laws.
  • Road Rage Avoidance
  • Economical Driving

Additional features of our course

The Defensive Driving Course Perth is designed for individuals who spent a large portion of the day driving cars as a part of their job. The key features of our driving lessons in Perth are:

  • Professional Training by Skilled Instructors
  • Full and Half Day Training
  • Constructive Feedback to Individuals

Other driving lessons

Driving School Perth is a team of experts providing driving lessons by covering all safety standards. Our consistent efforts and growth in our industry have made us successful in expanding other aspects of driving lessons. Apart from defensive driving training, we can offer the below training from scratch to people of any eligible age group. We also offer:

  • Automatic Driving Lessons

  • Manual Driving Lessons

  • Corporate Driver Training

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Defensive Driving Course - FAQs

Defensive Driving Courses is a practice of understanding and utilising techniques that can help in promoting safe driving and avoid accidents. We conduct defensive driving courses Perth that is regarded best in Perth as every activity is under Professional driving instructors.

It surely Can. If you are a person who holds the certification of defensive driver training, it puts an impression that you are the best-skilled person for any logistics or transportation job. Find driving lessons near me and start your training if you aim for a travel-oriented job.

Defensive driving training is an amalgamation of practical and theoretical training that focuses on the overall development of individuals. Through the guidance of skilled experts, individuals can learn the ability to drive any vehicle safely using all senses.

The defensive driving training course can help you in saving money by providing skills regarding economical driving that utilises less fuel. It can make sure that you are not meeting any accidents that can cause harm to your body and vehicle.

Yes. Of Course! The defensive driving instructor will cover all the essential aspects and make you understand everything in simple language so that you become confident in your abilities. It will provide all knowledge associated with safe driving dynamics that can minimise risks and avoid accidents


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