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How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in Perth

Getting a driver’s license is every driver’s dream. Once you know how to move, you will go to all your favorite places where you want to go. The thought of driving brings an adrenaline rush into your body and thrills you. Always remember to drive carefully on the road. It will reduce the risk of accidents.

The journey of getting a driving license is a bit complex. It costs money to take a driving lesson. Depending on the school, the cost varies. To know how much driving lessons cost in Australia. You can learn more about it through this article.

Why Take Driving Lessons?

Everybody dreams of driving their favorite car. Driving lessons provided by the schools will help you to clear your test. To ride, you need to learn about it. And once you decide to learn, many questions come to mind. The person wants to know how much driving lessons cost. And from where to take Driving Lessons in Perth. Make sure you always take professional training, which will help you in the long term. There are some reasons to take professional training.

1. Specialist Training

Anything which is understood professionally gained deep knowledge. In professional training, people will learn the functions and speed control very efficiently. They will also learn rules relating to driving.

2. Safety Rules

Your friends and family can also teach you how to drive, but only a professional instructor can teach you how to drive safely. You will learn how to drive safely and avoid reckless driving on the road. You can also understand road signals and different signs to drive safely on busy roads.

3. Automatic and manual driving lessons

Nowadays, most cars have automatic functions. But a person must know both manual and driving lessons skills. Driving instructors will offer you training in both automatic and manual vehicles. In this case, you can learn how to ride a car with manual and automated functions.

4. Regular tests on the road

By giving a road test, you will come to know how you are driving on the street. The instructor performs a driving test to understand the performance of the students. Clearing the test at once will get you a license quickly.

You Will Become a Better Driver With The Help of This Course

Driving lessons will enable you to become a safe and responsible driver. With the driving lessons, you will come to know about different techniques. And this will help you to drive safely. You will come across traffic rules which need to be followed by a person. It will also help pedestrians and other drivers on the road. And ensure that the road is safe to use. It also avoids the risk of an accident.

You Will Save Time And Money

Taking driving lessons will help you for a long duration. The cost of driving lessons in Perth, WA, is from $45 to $90 per hour. Investing a few dollars in driving class will help you clear your driving test at once. You will save your time and money, and it will also save money from hiring a chauffeur.

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost?

The cost of driving lessons may differ from different school. It depends on the course you are learning. There are different types of packages for driving lessons. The initial driving lesson price in Perth is $50. The cost differs if you opt for corporate driving training course.

Most people prefer to take driving packages because they are reasonable in price. You want to know different price packages and compare the price. You have to fill out an online form and write your details like name, address, and contact number. You will receive the price quote for different driving lessons in Perth.

Role of a Driving Instructor

The role of a driving instructor is to educate you about traffic rules and regulations, to understand signs, and help the person to learn on-road driving skills. They will teach how to operate the vehicle safely. The driving instructor takes the Cost of Driving Lessons in Perth.

Driving Instructor

The driving instructor also teaches advanced technology, which helps the future driver in an emergency. They will provide a live demonstration to the future driver of the different parts of the car. Getting a driver’s license is every driver’s dream. 

Once you know how to move, you will go to all your favorite places where you want to go. The thought of driving brings an adrenaline rush into your body and thrills you. Always remember to drive carefully on the road. It will reduce the risk of accidents.

The journey of getting a driving license is a bit complex. There is a cost associated with the driving lesson. The cost differs from one school to another. To know how much driving lessons cost in Australia. This article will guide you to know about it. 

Why take will explain the use of the distinct elements of the vehicle, like the clutch, accelerator, brakes, gears, lights, indicators, and transmission system. 

Here are some duties of the driving instructor:

1. Preparing lessons

The first and foremost role of the driving instructor is to prepare a plan based on the age and experience of the student. They may modify their learning methods based on what factors drive the student to focus.

2. Teaching

Driving instructors instruct proper skills associated with driving. Besides introductory driving safety, they may introduce other concepts, such as traffic laws, navigation skills, and understanding sign boards.

3. Emergencies

The driving instructor will teach you how to react to emergencies while driving. It may include how to take control of a vehicle to prevent accidents.

4. Motivating students

Driving instructors can motivate students as they drive the vehicle on the road. It may include comforting students in anguish and giving them directions to follow on the road.

5. Documenting

Driving instructors to register a student’s progress and keep it properly recorded for future reference. They also notify any wrecks that may occur during a lesson to the lead of their driving lesson.

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need in Perth?

It depends on the skill of the person. Some people can learn the lesson in three or five classes. And some people have to take eight to nine sessions. The driving instructor in Perth recommends taking at least seven to ten hours of classes. And for a non-confident person, at least 20 hours of learning sessions. 

After your first driving class, your instructor will be the best person to know about the sessions you need. He will test your previous driving experience (if any). The driving instructor also checks the confidence level of the person.

We all have different speed paces in understanding. Depending on the speed of learning, a person should book lessons accordingly. Mastering driving is one of the big achievements in life. The Department of Transport requires us to follow some guidelines to meet the criteria.

Step 1 – Learner’s Permit

Before you start your driving lessons, you must have your learner’s permit. To apply for the permit, you have to fill out a driving license application. The test will improve your understanding of western Australia’s traffic rules. To pass the exam you have to give 25-30 answers correctly.

Step 2 – Learn to Drive

Once you get your learner access you can look for driving lessons to teach you and supervise you. It is highly advised to first-time learners to take qualified driving lessons. The advantage of taking classes from a reputed instructor is they will master all the traffic rules. Learners under the age of 25 years must take 50 hours of driving lessons and 5 hours of night-time driving.

Step 3 – Hazardous Perception Test

The HPT is the online test that assesses your ability to drive safely. The test displays some videos and pictures that define some traffic situations. And you have to answer the question accordingly, and you will behave if the condition arises in real life. These are all primary questions. You don’t need any special computer skills for the test.

Step 4 – Practical driving exam

The Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) is a thorough examination of vehicle control, traffic awareness, responsiveness, and driving skills. During the inspection, a driving assessor will sit with you in the vehicle and ask you to do some maneuvers while noting how well you hold them.

Step 5 – P-Plate 

After clearing your PDA, the Department of Transport will allocate you a provisional license.

Make The Best Use of Your Driving Lesson Time

The most important thing you can do is to do your homework. You have to set a goal in mind that what you have to learn this thing. For example – how to do parallel parking. Make sure you always come prepared for your lessons and make full use of the lesson. Always ask your instructor to give you feedback about how you went and what you need to work on. This practice will help your progress in less time. And eventually, it will help in the number of classes you are taking. 


As we know, driving is in massive demand in cities like Perth. Many people in the metropolis want to learn to drive because of the costly and time-consuming public transport. And if anybody has a vehicle, they do not want to rely on another person to drop them where they want to go. So, people want to learn how to drive.

Before taking the driving class, you should understand what driving lessons cost in Perth. Every person will choose lessons according to their budget. It is essential to take the lessons, as you will learn many things from the instructor. 

Many driving instructors in Perth are highly qualified and experienced. Joining them will ease your driving experience and driving test. 

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