Aug, 2022

10 Safe Driving Habits for Good Drivers That You Should Know About

Driving a car is just not a task. In fact, it is a huge responsibility and the main responsibility of a driver is to safely transport either cargo or passengers from one place to another. Being a driver you are in control of a car which if goes out of control can cause harm to you as well as others or damage public property. This is why everyone talks about safe driving habits for a driver.

Moreover, driving is a highly social function. When you are behind the wheel without even realizing the fact you start relying on one another to follow traffic rules, make safe decisions, and properly communicate your driving intentions. These safe driving tips are to be followed by all if you wish to make driving safe for you as well as others.

Driving safety rules must be followed by all to reduce the number of death on the road due to some kind of accident. Before getting a driving license, it is important that an applicant must be given proper education on safe driving tips for learners. Always bear in mind that driving is a big responsibility and not just a right.

Fortunately, there are many driving safety rules that when followed can help a lot in making you responsible as well as a better driver. If you are planning of learning to drive and getting a license it is important to adopt some safe driving habits to protect you and others on the road.

Here is a list of 10 safe driving habits for good drivers that you should know about.

1. Defensive Driving

learn defensive driving rules and regulations

One of the most important safe driving habits for drivers is to indulge in defensive driving. The term ‘defensive driving’ means the method of driving that helps to minimize or prevent accidents on roads and streets. When practicing defensive driving, a driver has the best possible safety in mind.

The motto of this driving safety rule is to save lives, time, and money when driving. During defensive driving, a driver always follows the speed limit, observes traffic rules, anticipates dangerous situations and knows when to pull over, avoid crashes and help lower your risk behind the wheel. Also, you try to turn a crash into a minor event. Remember car crashes are the number one cause of death of teenagers on the road.

When you practice defensive driving, you are not just helping yourself and your loved ones but also those who share the road with you. Hence make sure to follow this important safe driving tip and learn defensive driving rules and regulations.

To master the skill of defensive driving, it is recommended to take a driving course. There are many reputed driving schools where you learn everything related to defensive driving and several safety techniques at a reasonable rate.

2. Avoid Car Distractions

Avoid Car Distractions

Another important safe driving tip is to always stay focused on the road. The distraction of any kind while driving is one of the main causes of car collisions and near-crashes. When you are driving you need to stay alert all the time.

During driving your brain, hands and legs need to have proper coordination. There are many things to think about when you are behind the wheel such as road conditions, speed of the car, traffic signs and signals, road markings, the intention of the cars around your, checking your mirrors, and lots more. Even a few seconds of distractions can be fatal.

When driving try to keep your cell phone out of sight and put it on silent and avoid eating or drinking while driving and do not fiddle with the radio and avoid talking with passengers that can distract you.

Any kind of distractions will affect your concentration level and your chances of making a mistake become high. This is one of the most important safe driving tips for learners as they need to learn the consequences of being distracted on the road.

3. Preparing To Drive

important tips for driving

One of the most important tips for driving is to be prepared. This means before you start your journey, check your car once and make it a habit before each and every journey.

First of all, you must check your car’s oil tank and if needed fill up your tank. Along with oil, you must also check the fluid level of the car battery. The next step is to inspect your tyre tread as it provides traction and helps you to drive safely on all types of road conditions.

Also if your tyre’s tread wear is uneven, then align them properly.
Before you start the engine, adjust the seat for effective control and comfort. Also, adjust all the mirrors for the best view. Always wear and adjust the seat belt and headrest before driving. Wearing a seat belt is one of the most important driving habits for a driver.

It is also important to store a roadside survival kit in the cargo area as you never know when you might need it. In the kit, you can have items like a spare mobile phone, a rechargeable battery pack, a small medical box, a spare tyre, and emergency tools such as a flashlight, screwdrivers, pliers, and an adjustable spanner.

4. Look Around You

Safe Driving Rules

When it comes to driving safety rules always remember that the road is not for you only. There are many people who will be sharing the road with you. Each and every driver is different and hence you must try to carefully navigate the road around you to enjoy safe driving.

One of the safe driving tips is to always look for other road users. Before you start the engine, make sure pedestrians and cyclists and even pets are away from your car. This can be done when you develop the habit of checking your mirrors, blind spots, sensors, and reversing camera before you start the car.

At the same time, you need to slow down at intersections and look for other cars and also look over your shoulder before beginning to change lanes or where other vehicles could be in your blind spot.
No matter how empty a road looks, make it a habit of keeping your eyes scanning the situation all around you. Keep checking your mirrors frequently and scan the road ahead of you every 20-30 seconds. In case of any danger, act accordingly to avoid any kind of mishap or even accidents.

5. Don’t Bend the Rules

road rules and regulations

When it comes to safe driving habits for a driver you cannot ignore the importance of road rules and regulations. Always bear in mind that the government has made road rules and regulations keeping in mind the safety of the citizens and hence it is very important to follow them at any cost.

No matter how much in hurry you are, there is no question of bending the rules for your own benefit. For instance, even if the road is empty you need to come to a complete stop at stop signs. Similarly, you must stop for green lights when traffic in front of you is not leaving the intersection.

Along with the traffic lights, there are several other road signs that you must be aware of. Whether you are a novice or an expert driver, you must have proper knowledge of road signs and must try your best to follow them when needed. This is important for the safety of the drivers as well as those on the road.

When each and every driver on the road follows the rules of driving, the rate of accidents will gradually come down.

6. Drive Slower

always maintain the safe driving etiquette

The faster you drive, the more the chance of losing control over your car. This can ultimately lead to a severe collision or an accident. Hence one of the most important safe driving tips is to always maintain the speed limit. There is no need to drive too fast or too slow.

The best option is to keep within the speed limit and enjoy the ride. This way you will keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road. Remember a responsible driver is one who drives at the prescribed speed limit even if the road is empty.

It has been found that beginners get thrilled with the adrenaline rush that high speed gives and end up making a huge mistake. Hence, maintaining the speed limit is one of the most crucial safe driving tips for learners.

Driving at a very high speed will make the road condition unsafe for all and you will end up risking your life as well as others. On the other hand, driving too slow can unreasonably block the path of another driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, thus unnecessary problems for others. Try to maintain your car’s speed limit according to traffic, road and visibility, and weather conditions.

7. Be a Careful Driver

Be a Careful Driver

Another important driving safety rule is to drive very carefully. There is no need to show your driving skills to others but try to set an example for others to follow. The road is for all and you must try your best to make it safe for all – other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and even pets.

A careful driver is one who stays at least three seconds of travel time behind the car in front of his or her car. This way you get enough time and space to have control over your car during an emergency situation. Also, when stopping behind a car, you must try to leave enough space to drive around it if needed and to avoid problems for others.

When driving on a busy road, change lanes as little as possible and preferably do not change at all. Follow the traffic signals properly even if the road is empty. Another important driving safety rule is to use the right indicators and the right time. This allows you to communicate your intentions to other drivers and hence reduces the risk of accidents. Proper use of indicators and horns is a must for all.

8. Drive on Familiar Roads

Drive on Familiar Roads

One of the safe driving tips for learners is to always drive on familiar roads in the beginning. Before you set out to explore new places, plan your drive on familiar roads. This way you do not have to think too much about the route and you can drive peacefully. In the beginning, it is better to avoid complex intersections, heavy traffic, and high-speed roads as you might find it difficult to have control of your driving.

On the other hand, if you go to unexplored areas, you need to pay extra attention to the direction you are going. Learners must avoid typing in the destination on the GPS system and then set off to a new destination.

A lot of the GPS units have a very small screen and they just tell you the next turn for a new driver following the instructions is not an easy task. Moreover, it can cause distraction at times. Avoiding distractions of any kind is an important driving safety rule.
First of all, try to polish your driving skills and build your confidence level, and then do experiments.

9. Share the Driving

Secure and safe Driving style

In the list of tips for driving, one important tip is to share the driving. This is an important driving safety rule, especially for beginners who are planning an outing with family or friends or a long journey.

When you are supposed to travel a long distance by car, driving alone can be hectic as well as tiring. Hence, it is recommended to bring along a passenger or two who are good at driving. This way you do not have to sit behind the wheel for long hours. You can share the driving and take an adequate amount of rest and sleep to feel refreshed.

Also, when driving is shared you do not feel overburdened to reach a destination on time and there is no need for rush driving.
Suppose you need 10 – 12 hours to reach a destination and there are three people in the car, who knows driving, then each one can drive for 3-4 hours and others can enjoy the ride. Another benefit of having another person in the car is that it will help you stay focused when driving for long periods of time and there will be no question of boredom.

When sharing a drive, make sure the other drivers are experienced and trustworthy. This is one of the most important safe driving habits for drivers.

10. Pullover If You’re Feeling Sleepy

Pullover If You’re Feeling Sleepy

You are a human being and not a robot. It is obvious that you might feel sleepy or tired at times and during such a time it is not a good idea to push yourself to drive. One of the safe driving habits for drivers is not to drive when feeling sleepy or tired.

In fact, fatigue and tiredness among drivers are one of the most common reasons behind crashes and accidents, especially at night. At times, fatigue also leads to reduced visibility. Do yourself a favor and park your car in an isolated place and take a rest for a while if you are feeling tired or sleepy. Even a small nap will help in making you energetic and alert to enjoy safe driving. This is one of the most important safe driving tips for learners and you follow this tip at any cost.

Also, you must avoid driving if you are not feeling well or you are finding it difficult to keep your eyes open due to the influence of some kind of medicine. It is always better to take a cab or ask someone else to drive the car during such situations to reach your destination safely.


Safety on the roads is everybody’s responsibility, so before exploring the open roads you need to keep in mind the above-mentioned safe driving habits for a driver. These safe driving tips are for all, be they a learner or an experienced driver.

With these tips in mind, you can make the road safe for you as well as others and there will be less number of accidents or collisions on the road. Try to be a safe and responsible driver instead of a ruthless driver who does not care about anyone or anything. Life is precious and with your driving skills try to make the road safe for all.


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