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How many driving lessons should I learn ?

Before taking any driving lessons the first question comes to our mind is that how many driving lessons should I learn, Well to solve your query we come up with this blog to give you the proper guidance, So stay connected with us.

Learning to drive is one such skill that everyone should know. Driving makes a significant impact on your life.

First of all, running your car can help save you a lot of money and time. You do not have to pay a driver and no need to spend money on public transport or private taxis to commute from one place to another. Driving your own car also helps you to manage your time.

Getting your driving license gives you a sense of independence, freedom, and convenience and boosts your confidence level. Driving your own car to travel also helps to keep your social life engaged and busy. It even gives wings to your adventurous side.

Looking at the benefits of driving, people are more interested in learning this life skill. In Australia, it’s not mandatory to attend a driving school to master this skill. However, it is highly recommended to learn from the experts before your licence test.

Plus, in some states of Australia, driving lessons taken from an accredited driving instructor will give you bonus points on your logbook hours. Here, one hour of driving with an instructor counts as three hours of normal supervised driving.

Log Book Requirements as Per State:

For applying for a probationary driver’s licence, one needs to submit an official log book, which has all the details of your hour of practice. The different States have different requirements for log books.

In Western Australia, for example, the requirement is a minimum of six months of supervising the driving and a maximum of 25 hours of driving under various conditions.

However, the requirement in South Australia is totally different. A learner’s permit must be held for a year and 75 hours of supervised driving must be completed.

In Queensland, it is necessary to complete 100 hours of driving including 10 hours of night driving under supervision. Also, the applicant must be at least 17 years old.

How Many Lessons?

How many driving lessons?

Driving is an art and it is not necessary that every student will learn it in a given period of time. For some, it can be just a few driving classes to master the skill but for others, it can take a little longer time.

Before enroling in a driving school, it is common to think about ‘how many driving lessons will I need?’ or ‘how many driving lessons should I learn?’ Well, the answer is different for different students. But, if you learn from a reputed driving school, the process will become easy and comfortable for you. Also, it is the instructor who can guide you to answer this question.

While a beginner driver with little knowledge of driving will need between 7 and 10 hours of driving lessons, a less confident driver may need up to 20 hours to learn to drive safely and pass the driving test.

Reasons that Affect the Number of Driving Lessons.

Each driving student is different and hence the number of driving lessons changes from student to student. There are some factors that affect driving lessons. A few such factors are:

1. Experience of the Students: 

learn easy Driving lessons

Some students have the benefit of learning to drive from their parents, relatives, or friends. Such students take driving lessons only to polish their skills and to pass the driving test. For them, the number of driving lessons will be less compared to those students who have zero knowledge of driving. Hence for a novice learner, the number of classes will be more compared to those who have joined a driving school to polish their skills.

For international driver’s licence holders, just 3 to 5 hours of driving lessons are enough to prepare for the driver’s test in Australia.

2. Age: 

Age is another important criterion when you enrol in a driving school. For above 25 years, 75 hours of driving lessons in one week are recommended. But for that under the age of 25 years, 120 hours of driving lessons in a week is required.

3. Experience of the Driving Instructor:

Not just the student, it is the instructor also who plays a key role. A good instructor can help you develop your driving technique when you are learning to drive.

Also, the instructor must be able to break bad habits of driving before making you learn the correct way to drive. An experienced instructor can teach a lot if you take 2 hours of driving lessons in a day.

4. Fees:

Another factor that affects the number of driving lessons is the fees of the driving school. Different driving schools charge differently. So you need to search for one that offers more driving lessons at a good price.

5. Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. In a driving lesson, many things are taught in one lesson. So, you need to practice the things. If you do not practice, the instructor cannot teach you new things, thus taking a long time to master the skill of driving. It is recommended to take gaps between lessons to have enough time for practice. The more a student practices the fewer will be the lessons.


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