May, 2022

Top 5 benefits of learning defensive driving course

Hey, everyone, I hope you all are doing good. Well, I have created this article to share with you some benefits of learning the defensive driving course. So keep reading with me:

Have you ever wondered what exactly is defensive driving? and why does everyone keep suggesting it?

Let us simplify it for you–

Defensive driving is basically driving while actively minimizing the dangers related to driving. It is not very tough to learn defensive driving, all you need to do is a defensive driving course. The main goal of defensive driving techniques is to reduce the chances of accidents. The bonus is, it also that saves fuel consumption expenses. Through this method, you can save a lot on additional maintenance costs.

Awareness is fundamental to defensive driving. You need to constantly stay aware of potential risks, and the actions of other drivers around you. This empowers you to be proactive with your actions to prevent any sort of incident. You can foresee dangers, and allow yourself some time to react. Besides this, learning safe driving habits comes with many other benefits.

Here are the top 5 benefits of learning defensive driving course:

1. Save money on insurance premiums:


 Save money with defensive driving

Various insurance companies provide incentives that can bring down your premiums by up to 10% when you finish your course. In some states of the US, it is a legal necessity. This means providers are legally obligated to provide a discount to the graduates of defensive driving.

Such discounts could mean additional savings for a lot of drivers. Particularly for older and teen drivers who pay the highest premiums. Confirm with your insurance provider which courses are eligible for discounts. No matter how long it takes to complete a defensive driving course, it is worth your time and effort. With the course, you could save so much money on insurance.

2. Save on transportation costs

A defensive driving course will help you in saving money on transportation. This is how it works, you might get your license suspended owing to accidents or too many fines. You’ll probably end up spending money on private or public transportation to go about. And if you live in a big city, the cost of public transportation can be very expensive. Don’t get us started on private transportation, Uber is also quite pricey as well.

Once your license suspension period is past and you’ve paid the due fines, it’s still expensive to have your license renewed. Unfortunately, It’s also pricey to get a new license if yours was suspended before. A defensive driving course crosses out the chances of having to lose your license in the first place.

3. Learn accident-free techniques


Learn accident-free techniques

No matter how often you drive, or the distance you cover, you are constantly exposed to road hazards. The best approach to ensure safety is to steer clear (as much as possible) of all potential threats. This is how defensive driving courses save the day. It teaches drivers safe methods to be proactive while anticipating and promptly reacting to hazardous situations. This includes reckless actions of other drivers, poor road conditions, low road visibility, and other threats.

4. Upgraded driving skills


defensive driving skills

Even if you are a pro at driving or a beginner, there’s always some scope for improvement. Picture the level of road safety we would have if each of us would complete a defensive driving course and if we practice the safety techniques we learned. We can’t control what happens to us while driving. But we can prepare ourselves to steer clear of dangerous circumstances while driving

5. Reduced fines and dismissed tickets

Defensive driving lessons may be quite beneficial in many nations. In some parts of the US, drivers who undergo a state-approved defensive driving course are not charged certain fines.

Commercial drivers can also do a defensive driving course. If you opt for a course relevant to your offense, you may get your ticket waivered. If it happens to be your first offense, you may not have it entered into your driving record. This prevents your insurance premium from increasing.

How to find a good defensive driving school

There are certain things that you must look for in a defensive driving school. Assure that you have an effective learning experience that aligns with your schedule.

Here are the things you must check before opting for a defensive driving school:

1. Price point


Cost effective driving school

Some popular schools may charge higher than most others. Some may charge a higher price because they offer a special certification. And some others charge more as they have to pay for the expense of renting a physical classroom.

Some schools may claim to charge a small price for an online course. But this may come at the expense of other hidden costs like paying more for video classes. After finishing your course, the next thing you know is they will ask you to pay even more to get your certificate!

So do proper research while searching for a good defensive driving school.

2. Customer reviews

The best way to find out is to go through the reviews posted by the graduates of a specific driving school. It will disclose the true picture of the actual learning experience from that school.

Thanks to the internet you can find everything—

  • If they liked the course
  • If they had some issue at any point during the process of learning,
  • And if a company’s client service is quick and responsive.

3. Certification


Defensive driving certification

Before you pick a driving course, check if they provide a Completion certificate. This is because you’ll need to produce the certificate to:

  • be eligible for an insurance discount
  • remove some points from your driving record,
  • and clear traffic tickets.

The completion certificate acts as supportive evidence. That is if you fulfill the court requirements, DMV, or your insurance provider.

Remember, you should not have to pay any extra cost to get your completion certificate. A good driving school will immediately release your certificate, post successful course completion.

4. Type of media used

Make sure that you are getting a wholesome learning session. A text manual or 10-hour-long reading material is not going to do much good. Outdated teaching modes won’t do you much good. Your course should be a proper combination of instructive videos and descriptive images.

They may provide:

  • state-of-the-art modern animations,
  • drone footage
  • dashboard cameras
  • and other forms of media that can help you get a clearer idea of how traffic safety works.

Lastly, It’s crucial to do your own research before opting for your defensive driving course. If a company’s name is legit, does not mean that they have a government-approved course.

Learn about a bunch of different courses, and go through FAQs, to confirm if the course is what you’re looking for. Check if the mode of instruction is quality. Then based on these factors, decide which course looks right for you. Regardless of which course you select to meet your defensive driving needs.

We hope you get all the benefits of learning the defensive driving course.

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