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Common Driving Mistakes That One Must Avoid To Becoming An Expert Driver

Learning to drive can be a tough thing. When you drive a car as a beginner, it requires learning many road signs/rules, and as a learner, you can commit several mistakes. Lack of knowledge could lead to dangerous mistakes; as a result, manual driving lessons Perth may be useful for you.

If you make errors in driving tests that can lead to accidents, it could result in you failing your driving test. This article will look at some of the common mistakes drivers make and how you can avoid them.

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Common Mistakes that Drivers Make

Even the most experienced drivers can make mistakes while driving their cars, leading to fatal accidents. Some of the common mistakes made by such drivers are-

  1. Not following speed limits
    You need to be aware of the given speed limits at all times; you should not increase the speed limit. You also need to be aware of things that could interfere with your speed limit while driving, such as school areas and construction sites.
    While keeping your vehicle speed in check, you have to know that you cannot exceed the speed of 90 km/hour if you are a beginner. You have to maintain the same speed even in areas where higher speed limits are allowed. It is important that road signs in Western Australia are followed properly.
  2. Not checking the mirrors regularly
    When you are learning how to drive, it is essential that you need to be very defensive. You have to know what is going around you, and you have to regularly check the mirrors to ensure you understand the surrounding drivers.
    Many experts recommend checking every mirror including the rear and front passenger mirror every 8 seconds. This will ensure you remain safe while driving. Some of the best driving schools in Perth will recommend this step.
  3. Relying mostly on mirrors and not checking out the blind spots
    You cannot just rely on mirrors to see who is behind and next to you. This could lead to severe consequences on the road and result in you failing your driving test. You need to perform regular head checks for noticing the blind spots.
    This indicates that you need to turn your head 90 degrees to look beside and behind you. This has to be done when:
    – Turn at an interaction
    – Change lanes, merge to another lane or separate yourself from a lane.
    – Leave a curb to reunite with traffic.
    – Cross lanes while being in a roundabout, also when exiting.
    – Complete three-point turns
    – Conduct a reverse parallel park
    – Proceed with your car after the traffic lights turn green.
  4. Move to a curb to finish a movement.
    You need to develop a habit of performing a head check while completing a movement. This will ensure your safety while changing lanes and many more.
  5. Failing to stop at a stop sign
    You need to ensure you stop your vehicle while coming across a stop sign. If you fail in doing that, it could result in some accidents, fines, or tickets. This could also lead you to fail your driving test; this is why you need to obey a stop sign.
  6. Not signaling properly
    You might be unaware that you need to signal with your turn indicator for a minimum of 5 seconds before leaving a curb or a parked position. You might also need to signal for a few seconds when you are leaving a roundabout, turning at a traffic light, or changing a lane. It would help if you signaled properly to stay safe while driving.
  7. Checking phones
    You need to know by now that using your phone while driving could result in an accident. Using mobile phones while driving has more chances of causing an accident than even partaking in alcohol. It would help if you did not use a cellphone while operating a vehicle.
    If your phone is ringing, you need to find an appropriate position to park your vehicle before answering the phone call.
  8. Driving a car while being distracted
    If you are an inexperienced driver, you must avoid all distractions before operating a vehicle. You need to request your passengers to keep quiet till you start an important conversation. It would help if you did not think it is not nice to ask your passengers to keep their phones silent when driving.
    It is important as noises from a phone can easily distract you and cause an accident; you should also avoid drinking or eating while driving. You need to develop a habit of keeping your car clean.
  9. Not buckling up
    You need to always tie your seatbelts while driving. A seat belt will help you avoid serious injury or damage if you have an accident. You should avoid operating your vehicle or picking up passengers if you are not wearing a seatbelt. You need to ensure that everyone wears their seat belts while in a vehicle.
  10. Rarely practicing driving skills
    It is said that practice makes a man perfect, and this is also applicable in a driving test or normal driving. If you are going for a driving license, you need to have the necessary hands-on experience. You could take the help of driving instructors in Perth to improve or learn new driving skills.
    Patterns like the 8-shaped driving test, driving on slopes, or other combinations can be practiced before you undertake a driving test.
  11. Not being punctual
    People who are not disciplined or punctual in their lives are likely to fall into trouble more than those who are. You have to be punctual and follow all the traffic rules and signs while driving your car. Punctuality is an important trait even if you desire to pass a driving test. If you are undertaking a driving test, ensure that you arrive early at the venue to understand the environment before taking the test.

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Enroll in a Driving School

You need to avoid making mistakes while driving, as one mistake could even cause a serious injury or damage to your vehicle. If you are new to driving and required to learn some driving skills, you could enroll in a driving school. You can type ‘driving lessons near me’ and select a suitable driving school for yourself.
You can take admitted to Driving School Perth and learn some driving skills to ensure your safety on the streets. Many skilled instructors will help you understand the latest traffic signs and learn one or two different driving skills.

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